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Robo Nyman was born in East Germany and graduated in architecture. For the last ten years, he worked as a freelance specialist and university lecturer in the fields of architecture, art and design. Robo’s projects committed to social-cultural aspects, have been honoured with numerous national and international awards. His main area of interest lies in aesthetics, functional economics and socionics. Robo lives and works in Berlin.

In his artistic work, surreal compositions capture intimate human situations, which seem detached from their spatial environment. Sketches of memories as well as photographic studies are transferred into large formats by using coloured pencils and pastels with extreme precision and a keen eye to detail. The intensity of colourful images on white or black background captivates the viewers attention. Beyond superficial beauty and sensual atmosphere, hidden and subconscious emotions are exposed. Moments of intense silence, distant from a tumultuous world, show instants of quiet reflection and contemplation.

Using artistic techniques of repetition, reflection and alienation, Robo reveals metaphoric questions about facets of human existence. His colourful drawings exhibit Robo’s ability to emphasize with his protagonists and represent his own emotions.


  • Round table 5

    November 2022, Art auction
    Berlin / Germany


    May 2022, Group show
    Berlin / Germany

  • Early summer failures

    April 2018, Group show
    Berlin / Germany

  • And beyond

    September 2017, Group show
    Whiteconcept projects 
    Berlin / Germany

  • #5#on#paper

    February 2017, Group show 
    galerie für junge künstler- + designerInnen 
    Berlin / Germany 

  • Umættelighed_voracity

    October 2016, Group show 
    Blaa Galleri København
    Copenhagen / Denmark 

  • Voracity

    June 2016, Group show 
    Contribution to 48H NEUKÖLLN 
    Gallery Messing 
    Berlin / Germany 

  • Simultaneous silence

    January 2016 
    Duo-exhibition with Jan Ziegler
    galerie für junge künstler- + designerInnen 
    Berlin / Germany

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